February 11, 2009

From My Arc Reactor to Yours

I bet by now you're beginning to think:

“Wow, Movie Meg doesn't like any new films!”
“All Movie Meg does is complain!”
“Movie Meg conjures imaginary dialogue for her non-existent fanbase!”

Well, contrary to what's been evidenced so far, I adore and am mildly obsessed with Iron Man.

I picked up some spiffy “3-D” Iron Man valentines but they were distinctly lacking in the Robert Downey Jr. department. So to show just how much I dig Iron Man, my readers, and RDJ, please enjoy these valentines I cobbled together.

Happy Valentine's Day!

(Images, fonts, and brushes courtesy of Paramount Pictures, Marvel, Seishido, and Blambot)


Bingo TC said...

Sweet! Those are awesome. I'm gonna print some up right now.

Jen said...

I'm tripping over the word "mildly."

Those are awesome valentines!

clytemnaestra said...

(Jen beat me to it, but ... ) MILDLY???

Movie Meg said...

@Bryce - Yay! Thanks :3

@Jen & Mel - I was being ironic, ya meanies! ;)