August 7, 2008


Hi, guys! I'm “Movie” Meg. Here you'll find my reviews, rants, and parodies of new movie releases and the occasional rental.

Instead of a using stars (or thumbs) my popcorn size rating system is as follows, from Three-On-A-Meathook-Bad to Shawshank-Redemption-Awesome:

Kiddie, Small, Medium, Large, and Jumbo.

Refill = 1/2 "star"

Be sure to check back for updates and spiffy graphics. Enjoy the show!


Jen said...

A post! I can't understand your rating system because "three on a meathook" was my favorite movie of all time. Especially the part where it wasn't at all about people being on meathooks (well it was for 30 seconds or so).

Movie Meg said...

You do have a valid point! The prolonged band scene almost pushes "Three on a Meathook" to Oscar-worthiness. Perhaps "Bride of Chucky" would've been a better example.

(I should have another post or two up later today!)

Anonymous said...

All right, Movie Meg--I like the popcorn rating!